Thursday, 28 July 2011

It doesn't matter if Global Warming is happening - energy efficiency still makes sense

Yesterday when going through the many many tweets I favourited I came across the following post which rips apart the theory that carbon dioxide will lead to the Earth's temperature increasing by a few degrees in the next few decades.

I can't pretend I understood all of it. However, the overriding impression I got was "so what?"

Currently as a species we are dependent on oil. Oil prices are currently being driven up by what's going on in the Middle East. Also, sales of oil have propped up dictatorships all across the region. Surely rather than sitting and moaning that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere isn't going to lead to as much of an ecological disaster as we think we should be trying to wean ourselves off this commodity?

How can we do this? As far as I can see the best way would be to invest in alternative technologies such as solar, wind and tidal power. Also, increasing the energy efficiency of cars and other vehicles makes sense as then we won't have to use as much of an expensive resource. Who's calling for both of these? The climate change lobby including Caroline Lucas and George Monbiot. So, uh, why don't we just invest anyway?