Friday, 22 June 2012

Response from my MP about Marriage Equality

Further to my previous post about my email to my MP, I have now received a reply, which is below.

I'm rather disappointed because it addresses none of the points raised in my email and is instead a standard email which seems to be written for people who are opposed to marriage equality.

Not great when the constituent you're writing to has told you they're bisexual.

Dear Vicky,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the very important issue of gay marriage.

Actually, I didn't email you about gay marriage, I emailed you about marriage equality.

Please be assured I take this matter very seriously and have taken the opportunity over the past few weeks to discuss the numerous potential ramifications with both colleagues and constituents.

What about the BENEFITS? Because, like I emailed you about reasons why everyone should be allowed to marry.

I am conscious that many of my constituents hold profound religious beliefs and I have no intention to support any legislation which would force any church to hold marriage ceremonies which are in contravention of their theology.

I have no intention of forcing any church to hold marriage ceremonies, and I didn't mention it, but OK.

However, I do believe it is important that we should encourage commitment within relationships and am broadly supportive of initiatives that seek to do so.

Because everyone needs a piece of paper to encourage them to commit, and no one ever gets a divorce...

As you will be aware, this issue did not feature in the Queen’s Speech which will be welcomed by many people who perceived this as an attack on the Church of England.

No, but I am aware that it wasn't in the Queen's Speech because the issue was still under consultation.

I do feel it is critically important that the Government is properly aware of the level of concern on this issue.

Right, thanks, but why are you saying this to someone who supports marriage equality?

I have been struck by the number of constituents who have contacted me with their views rather than, as is so often the case nowadays, sending me standardised, computer generated emails, but have taken the trouble to set out very clearly their personal and considered objections to the suggestion that rules governing marriage may change.

Really, am I the only one who sent you a personalised email about the benefits of allowing same sex couples to marry?

The consultation on same sex marriage has now closed and I look forward to hearing the results in due course. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.

And thank you for taking the time to reply with a standardised letter which addresses none of the points in my email.

With best wishes,

Caroline Nokes


  1. Shocking and disappointing. When I wrote to my MPs and local councillors, I got a proper personalised response saying they supported marriage equality.

    1. Yes, it was rather. I said as much in an email back to her, and all she said was that she can't agree with every constiuent. I hadn't asked her to, I just wanted to know how she'd vote if it had come to a vote in the House of Commons!