Thursday, 27 September 2012

Conversations with my 26 year old self

A year ago, just after the Liberal Democrats' Autumn Conference in Birmingham, I used to send my 27 year old self an email. I received that email on the third day of this year's Autumn conference. What follows is the email together with my present thoughts, marked in red.

Hey FutureMe,
Hey PastMe,

You will by now have found yourself a permanent job in analysis.
I haven't, but I'm working on it.

If you haven't though, don't worry - just keep building on your skill base and eventually a company or organisation will see you for the multi talented and dedicated person you are.
Why thanks, I might just follow that advice. Or I might already be doing so. ;-).

You will also have been out campaigning with your local party.
Except for doing a delivery for the Swaythling candidate, I got elected unopposed as the local party's membership secretary, so I'm getting there.

Hopefully you have seen Liberal Democrats take back more council seats in both Southampton and across the country.

If George Osbourne hasn't been proven wrong and had to change his policies by now, you have my permission to eat your hat. In fact, I insist you do.
One out of two isn't a terrible result... so Ernie's safe. ;-). Oh wait, you have no idea who I'm talking about. Oops.

Oh, being 27 does not make you old, so don't listen to people who insist it does.
If you're referring to the one I think you are... I think I've got that covered. :P

Please remember - there's nothing wrong with being single.
I quite agree. ;)

If you're not single - congratulations.
...I'll have to get back to you on that one.

If you're with who I fancy I thank you and I would like to know how you managed it because I am convinced I'm not good enough for her.
Oh, honey, you're definitely good enough for her. She just doesn't fancy you. That's not the same thing.

However if you're just friends with her, this is in itself an achievement.
I am actually.

You know why, so I won't insult your intelligence.
I know why you think it is an achievement. However, you're wrong. Because you're awesome.

By now you will have seen the Olympics on TV and some of the Paralympics events live. Now, didn't they do well?
They did actually.

Try not be too harsh on the Olympics committee if they have to admit the legacy wasn't quite as good as they insisted it would be.
It's still too early to tell...

Yes, you did predict it'd be the case but it doesn't mean it was inevitable.
You're quite right.

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