Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Anne Oldman: Latest in a long line of victims of bi erasure

Really Guardian? I was only two weekends ago defending your editorial integrity.

Then you spring bi erasure on me.

In your recent interview with Surrane Jones, her character in 'A Touch of Cloth' is described as "herbal tea-drinking lesbian caricature Anne Oldman" even though the character states in the TV show itself that she is in fact a bisexual.

Yes, I have already reported this factual error to your readers' editor, in an email dated 20th November. I haven't received an auto-response so I don't even know if you've received it, hence this post.

Try again please.

Edited to add:

The Guardian responded to my comment (on 4th March 2013) about this article:
Hannah says that Suranne referred to the character, Anne, as a lesbian, in terms of telling her she would be getting a new girlfriend in the next series, and that there would be more "lesbian ringtones".  Hannah took this to refer to a running joke in the show, where each time her phone rings a song by an iconic lesbian artist such as KD Lang is heard.  Anne is in a live-in relationship with a woman in the show and Hannah thinks the "bi" reference is one of the many puns, such as the one you cited, there to get a laugh:

"So you're a lesbian?"
"Bi, Jack."
"OK, I'm going!"

So in that sense, and primarily as a joke, she does define herself as bisexual.  She is, however, only seen having relations with women.
So, that would be bi erasure then Guardian?