Sunday, 16 December 2012

Glee's retelling of Artie's story

Oh, Glee. Why do you do this to me?

There are so many reasons why I love you, and for balance, I will start with them. You brought me:
  • Heather Morris's and Harry Shum Jr's dancing.
  • Naya Rivera's amazing acting and singing.
  • Amber Riley's and Lea Michele's singing.
  • An example of what not to do after a barrage of insults.
  • Cory Monteith's excellent 'wah?' face.
  • The strength to be totally honest about my own sexuality and to ignore anyone who has a problem with it.
  • Brittany's absolute acceptance of her own bisexuality.
  • The story arc of Brittany and Santana's relationship.
  • Dianna Agron's all round awesomeness.
For these things and more, I love you so much, and I will find it almost impossible to stop watching you, because every time I give up on you, you reel me back with either a fantastic cover or out of the blue fantastic storytelling.

However, I simply can't ignore your retelling of the story of New Directions by making Artie the hero of the piece.

The reason? Him being in a wheelchair meant he had time to focus on things other than being a football stud so he had time for Glee, thereby having a knock on effect on every other characters' lives, as presented in the 'It's a Wonderful Life' segment of the Glee Season 4 Christmas special.

A thousand times no.

I'll address the 'points' you made in that segment of the episode as I see fit.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Crisis at Christmas

For those of you who don't know, last year I volunteered for Crisis at Christmas.

Once a year, Crisis hosts thousands of street homeless and vulnerably housed people who otherwise wouldn't have much of a Christmas.

This involves providing food, entertainment and counselling services as well as a bed for the night, for those who need it.

You can find stats relating to last year's Crisis at Christmas on their site here.

Last year, I was a Hub volunteer, working in the main warehouse in Bermondsey. I spent most of the time working as a co-driver, stopping the guests from distracting the driver and helping them with any concerns they might have.

I'm going to be a Hub volunteer again this year. If anyone would like to sponsor me you can do so here.

If anybody would like to ask me any more, you can email me.